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Palace Network

Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! It is now November 2017, our anniversary month, and we have to much to share!

General News
First off, happy one year anniversary everyone! This has been such an amazing journey and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. From new games, renovations, and parks. To shiny new cosmetics, and these very newsletters. While we’ve had such an amazing time, imagine what we will have done by our second anniversary! For now, let’s enjoy the celebrations!

Our lovely cosmetic fairies have released a free anniversary crown that can be redeemed by ALL RANKS! Show your love this month by heading to our store, found here, and clicking on the cosmetics tab. From there click on the crown, enter your information, no card needed, and redeem the crown for free. This will be available for a limited amount of time, so make sure to snag yourself a shiny crown before it is gone!

We also have created a super special anniversary show to bring the celebration to a whole new level. This shows at random times, so just make sure to watch chat! It’s set in our newest park, Universal Studios Orlando, and can be accessed by /warp Palace.

We will also be having tons of other events through the month, so just keep watch on our social medias, the server chat, and these newsletters.

Once again, thank you all for such an amazing year, and we can’t wait to see where we will all go in the future!

Last week we asked “What was your favorite part of October on Palace” and the majority of you chose ALL OF IT!
Now we want to know what you are most excited for during November!
Check out the poll here.


I hope you all enjoyed the newsletter, and make sure to watch for the newest edition next Monday! Have a lovely day, and see you on the server! ^-^
Welcome back to our spooky weekly newsletter! It’s the final newsletter of October 2017, and we have had such a spook filled month! We will start wrapping things up, and then it’s Christmas time! Oh… Thanksgiving too...

General Spooky News
First up, welcome to our special Halloween edition newsletter! It has been such a fun filled month and we hope you all really enjoyed. We’ve had a new Seasonal open, our first Halloween Horror Nights, Academy of Villains, and so much more. Of course we still have some last chance spooks to share, so enjoy!

Also I’m sure many of you have been wondering what the clown head in Seasonal is for, we are going to be having a giant Halloween bash party on November 3rd! So that everyone has the best chance of attending, we will be doing two different parties at different times! The first party starts at 2:00pm EST, and ends at 3:00pm EST! The second starts at 5:00pm EST, and lasts to 6:00pm EST. Costumes are not required, but strongly recommended. What is a Halloween party without costumes?? There will also be spooky music, parkours, games, and more!

Our last showing Academy of Villains and presentation of Halloween Horror Nights will be this Saturday at 1PM EST. The ghosts and ghouls have had so much fun entertaining everyone this Halloween, and they want to put on an awesome last performance. Then, it’s back to Halloweentown with them until next year!

Mickey will also be showing his HalloWishes and Boo to You parade all day today in honor of the special holiday! This may be one of the last chances you get to view the shows this year, so make sure to not miss the haunting delights.

Ekam would also like to thank everyone for participating in the Haunted Hunt this year, and we are all so proud of everyone who participated. Entries will remain open until Thursday, so if any ghouls have any unfinished business before it’s time to head back, now is the time to do it!

We would once again like to thank you all for...
As our first anniversary as Palace Network approaches, I took a moment to sit back and reflect on where we've gone within the past year.

I've seen life-long friendships built, dreams that have come true, hardwork and dedication from everyone to continue making Palace Network an amazing place for Guests from all over the world to enjoy. It's truly been a sight to see, and I couldn't be more honored to be here with you all almost one year later to continue that legacy.

It's important to me, and the rest of our leadership team here that we continue to build our community around acceptance of other people, even if we don't agree with their beliefs or they don't believe in ours. I think we're on the right track - but there's always room to improve, even from me personally.

I take a look back at 2017 as a whole and all I see is fighting and conflict. Instead of embracing differences we've grown accustom to hating them, instead of getting along with people who believe differently than we do, we fight them. Instead of being the change we want to see, we're a part of the problem, and as a leader of Palace Network, I personally feel that I have led us in that direction. Moving forward, I know that we can do better, and we will do better. For those of you that have been a positive influence within this community, thank you, you have truly impacted us more than you know.

Year 2 of Palace will be a great one, we have a lot of new content planned based directly on community feedback and we will continue working towards making Palace an even better place for all of our guests to enjoy. However, I do want to take a moment to genuinely say thank you to some people that have greatly impacted the community in a positive way.

- Legobuilder0813
- DevSlashNull
- Grailmore
- Helopoh
- Daloria
- therealduckie
- Steven_Davison
- Our Staff Team
- The Guests

The people listed above have helped make this community what it is, and for that we will be forever grateful. Let's continue...

All Creator Project applications have been seen and invites have been sent out on the forums to those who have been approved to start their projects.

*Just a reminder that when you apply for the Creator Project we will go to your plot on our creative server to see the style of build you do prior to acceptance. Please make sure you have your best work showing when you apply.*
Hello witches & ghouls,

Welcome back to our spooky weekly newsletter! Can you believe October is already almost over? We make sure none of you will forget it!

General Spooky News
First up, the character application reviewing process has been completed for the September applications! Check your direct messages on the forums to find out if you were accepted this round. Also, stay tuned for our next round of applications which will be opening very soon!

Last week we premiered the Academy of Villains! It was a very special show that we have been working for some time, and we all really hope you enjoyed. It’s a perfect Halloween show for any spook lovers, and we plan to show it so many more times before the end of October.

Speaking of showing it many more times, we will be this Friday! Join us October 27th at 6pm EST for a showing of Academy of Villains, followed by another great Halloween Horror Nights. Every HHN the houses are randomly chosen, so it is recommended you come multiple times!

Last Saturday we also held a Tower of Terror Backstage Tour, and we would love to do more in the future! We also plan on making many more backstage tours for other rides/attractions.

Spooky Staff Interview
Welcome to the first spooky staff interview! For the rest of October, I will be interviewing staff about their spooky favorites, and first up we have SisiNiLlama!

Q1) What do you and your family do for Halloween?

Carve pumpkins!

Q2) What is your favorite candy?

My favorite candy is Pixie Stix!

Q3) Do you carve pumpkins, and what is your favorite design to do?

I do! I normally carve my pumpkins with the original spooky face! >:D

Q4) What was your favorite Halloween costumes?

My favorite Halloween costume is my Yip Yip Alien costume!

Q5) What is your favorite Fall drink?

My favorite drink is Apple Cider!

Q6) What is your favorite spooky movie?

My favorite spooky movie is "The Nightmare Before Christmas"!

Q7) Favorite Fall snack?

Hello witches & ghouls,

Welcome back to our spooky weekly newsletter! It’s been two weeks of nonstop spooks, and we don’t plan on stopping yet!

General Spooky News
First off, after many successful occasions, we are holding another Halloween Horror Nights this Friday at 1:00pm EST! Join in and survive the Purge, make it through the the many haunted houses, and more! We have been so happy to see everyone enjoying themselves, and can’t wait to do more for the rest of October.

It has been some time, but the Tower of Terror has opened reservations for a backstage tour! Join us this Sunday, the 22nd, at 3:00pm EST to check in. You’ll learn fun facts, the architectural design, and maybe even spot some ghosts.
/warp TOTTour

ScanWorks would like to thank you all for a wonderful spooky Game Night this previous weekend. It seemed everyone had tons of fun, so we will definitely make sure to plan more in the future! Also make sure to keep a lookout for future events like Game Nights, I will be working hard to get some more things organized. If anyone ever has any suggestions, please feel free to message me or Scan!

Also don’t forget about our limited-edition items available for purchase during October! On the server, you can purchase Mickey wands and pumpkin costumes from our merch store in Seasonal. From our online store you can purchase even more spectacular exclusive items!
Check out our store here.

One final note, keep a lookout for a spooktacular event coming your way soon, more ghostly details soon….

Spooky Staff Interview
Welcome to the first spooky staff interview! For the rest of October, I will be interviewing staff about their spooky favorites, and first up we have Tiiago!

Q1) What do you and your family do for Halloween?

  1. We go trick or treating!
Q2) What is your favorite candy?

  1. Hershey’s chocolate bars!
Q3) Do you carve pumpkins, and what is your favorite...
Hello witches & ghouls,

Welcome back to our spooky weekly newsletter! After a week full of spook chaos, we aren’t done yet! Take a look!

General Spooky News
We are so so happy to finally announce the release of a new minigame on our network called “Deathrun”! Join an intense race against your friends in Magic Kingdom while avoiding the traps and obstacles of the Deaths! Our developers have been working all of their heart and magic into this game, and we will also have more maps for you to all enjoy soon. This game can be accessed on Seasonal and also on our Arcade.
/join Seasonal /join Arcade

This upcoming week has a very important spooky date, Friday the 13th! We will be celebrating this important date with tons of spooky seasonal group rides, shows, and more. Including another classic Halloween Horror Nights, filled with all of its horrors as per usual. Think of this as a Friday the 13th Bash! All of the wonderful activities start at 4:00pm EST.

Also, this Sunday at 6:30pm EST, we will be holding a totally spooky Game Night hosted by ScanWorks. This includes all of your favorite classic games with a spooky twist, and maybe even some new Halloween games. We can’t wait to see everyone playing their hearts out, having some friendly competition, and just having overall fun!

Don’t forget that the Haunted Halloween Hunt is still going! If you don’t recall this from newsletter, here’s a bit of a recap:
“We are going to be hiding 30 haunted houses around our parks including, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, DHS, DCL, Typhoon, Arcade, USO, TTC, and Resorts. You must locate these hidden houses and step up to ring the doorbell to receive a sweet surprise. Written on the sweet surprise will be a Halloween code that you must record on a Google docs form. Three randomly picked winners will win free rank upgrades! These can be used on yourself or as a gift for a friend.”...
Hello witches & ghouls,

Welcome back to our spooky weekly newsletter! It’s officially Spooktober! A month filled with fun, spooky, and Halloween themed activities. We have so so much to discuss, so let’s get right into it!

General Spooky News
Halloween Seasonal is now OPEN for all to visit! Our team worked hard this year to include all elements of cute, spooky, fun, and of course, Halloween! Take a trip through an abandoned fair ground, featuring themed rides, puzzles, mazes, and more. A spooktacular show will be taking place at the ferris wheel throughout the month. Make sure to watch out for whisper men and clowns!!

Speaking of Seasonal, #PalaceSpookathon starts today! This is a 12 day long social media event featuring a seasonal attraction every single day! Take a picture near the attraction and use #PalaceSpookathon to get a retweet. Can’t wait to see you all enjoying the spooky fun!

We also have new Halloween themed cosmetics available for purchase. Including an elegant witch hat, metallic bolts, and Maleficent Mickey ears! With the hats, we also have new orange & green particle trails. All of these will be available on our store for purchase.
View our store here.

For all Halloween Horror Night lovers, we will be having another this Saturday the 7th at 1 PM Est. Featuring even more haunts, spooky houses, and scare zones. We would like to warn that these can be more scary than our normal attractions, so just keep that in mind. Our team has also been working very hard on this event, and we truly hope you enjoy.

This month we would also like to introduce the Haunted Halloween Hunt. We are going to be hiding 30 haunted houses around our parks including, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, DHS, DCL, Typhoon, Arcade, USO, TTC, and Resorts. You must locate these hidden houses and step up to ring the doorbell to receive a sweet surprise. Written on the sweet surprise will be a Halloween code that you...
Hello lovely people,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! This letter is so so special, and we have so much to share! Spooky things are coming to Palace!

General News
Firstly, Halloween Horror Nights are coming to Universal Studios! These will be on select nights starting September 29th at 6pm EST! As a bit of a warning, this will be a bit more spooky than you are usually used to, including haunted houses, scare zones, and all around spooky fun. For those who can’t make it to the later times, we will be having some during the afternoons & weekends. We can’t wait for you all to see how much work the team has put it!

For all those who missed the soft opening, Fantasmic will be showing to everyone this Saturday at 4pm EST! We can’t wait for you all to join in on the magic and wonders of Mickey’s imagination. We are super happy to be sharing our hard work and magic.

Jungle Cruise has also been fully refurbished and opened to all of the guests! Including all new voice acting, effects, animals, and more. Enjoy!
/warp JC

We will be changing the staff themed ranks later this week to more generic names. Squires will be changed to Trainees, Knights changed to Mods, Paladins changed to Sr. Mod, and Wizard changed to Developer. Emperors/Empresses will be changed to two classifying ranks. Managers will manage the community as a whole, and Admins will manage a specific set of the community. We are changing the names to rid of any confusion, however, the donator ranks will stay themed!

Something also spooky is coming shortly! Be saving your money, we have lots in store! Look on our socials for teasers!

From Saturday’s build off the purple team won! The team consisted of bxsicsara, Loakin, Quishe, PrincePenguin, SisiNiLlama, Max9874, Hedgii, RealSMLYTP, MinecraftEvarett, VioletDiamond_, partygeezer, btl_2_or_bob, and enzogoober. The theme was spooky rollercoaster. Take a look at some pictures!
[SPOILER="Build Off...
Hello lovely people,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! After a busy busy week with meetings and such, it’s time to get into more calm, but still exciting, news! We have some special things up our sleeves this letter!

General News
First off, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the Fantasyland Carousel has received some updates! They now include updated 3D models, and the horses even prance around! Now that’s just magic isn’t it? We’ve also done similar with Alice’s Tea Cups. Take a spin in one of the beautiful new tea cup models! We plan to include even more models in our rides in the future, and we suggest you just stay tuned!
/warp carousel
/warp teacups

We are also having another Build Off this Saturday, September 23rd, at 11:30am EST! This time around, we are going to be testing out a system that gives you longer time (90 minutes), and only uses two teams! That way, you are able to add even more detail, and you have a larger team to make the build more complete. Remember, Discord is required to participate! Hope to see you all out there!

On Saturday we tested out the system above, and it turned out wonderfully! The theme was Bug’s Life, and the Red team won! The team consisted of Risk4Biscuit, Haley_hedgie, Konajack, partygeezer, ClassyHusky, Mrcoolguy_, TheRandomPerson2, Supermask, SisiNiLlama, BTL_2_or_Bob, and Nicoliee. Take a look at some pictures.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

The Creator Project applications have once again opened! A reminder that you will need a plot on Creative with a finished build, and we also only take in a few at a time. If you are denied, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever get on!

Halloween & Fall preparations are still well underway! Mickey’s Boo to You parade has been showing randomly to guests, and we hope you have gotten a chance to see it! Magic Kingdom is under full seasonal decor, as is Epcot. Universal...