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Palace Network

Hello loves,

We are fully into the new year and ready to go. So many plans, so many secrets, hehehe. Just this week we have so much news to share!

General News
In a galaxy far far away… aka the Palace Network… Galactic Nights is coming to you! Throughout this event, there will be Star Wars shows, parties, Jedi Training, and so much more! A perfect fit for any Star Wars fan, but the main question is, which side are you on? This will be held this Saturday, the 13th, from 11am EST to 2pm EST! May the force be with you.

Art lovers, are you there? The famous Festival of the Arts is coming to Epcot very soon! Including art from many diverse and unique cultures. Featuring multiple tents with music, paintings, sculptures, and I’m sure there will be many tasty treats along the way as well. I’ve heard talk of an orchestra as well, how exciting?! The festival lasts from this Friday, the 12th, all the way to February 19th. Make sure to catch some of the lovely works of art!

We are also very pleased to announce that the Magic Kingdom express and the resort monorails will be complete very soon! Keep an eye out for the walls to come down shortly! We have spent quite some time on restoring them for everyone’s enjoyment, and is a very scenic route of transportation! If you’re not into using warps, these are perfect for you! More updates coming soon, so just make sure to keep an eye out!

Some of you may have noticed that we were under maintenance for several hours last night. After some Developer magic and hard work, everything is clean and ready to go! Please let us know of any bugs, errors, or crashes and this week goes on. We can only fix something if it is reported. Also, make sure to drop a little thank you to any Developers you see online as they have worked quite hard. :)

As mentioned previously, Creative Spotlights are nearing a return soon! After much thought, organization, and cleaning, the system is almost ready to go! We will make sure to make an...
2017 was a year of challenges for us. We’ve learned a lot over the past year and we’re really excited to put that knowledge to good use in 2018. We’ve experienced growing pains, and we’ve said goodbye to some of our awesome team members over the past year as they embark on new journeys.

We’ve been hard at work on new features to bring the Palace community even closer together. While we’re not quite done yet, I’m super excited to share these updates with you as we start the new year off together.

Palace Network Website
Some of you may have known that we’ve been working on a new website for you all. From the moment you visit it, you’ll be greeted with information about upcoming events, news and announcements from our Staff Team, player and server statistics, and more. Once you log in, you’ll be able to receive customized information that you want to see, such as your friends, your own playing time, and much more we’ll announce soon. The website isn't ready yet, but stay tuned for more information about it!


Palace Radio
A few months ago during our last Community Meeting, we talked a bit about Palace Radio - an online radio station manned by Palace Staff playing all the top family-friendly hit music. A service like this requires a lot of planning. Streaming music almost 24/7 takes up a lot of bandwidth and a lot of time to get right. While we’ve been pretty quiet about it, we’re happy to announce that we’re going to be doing a live test of the radio this month! This will be our way of testing out if the service we currently are using to host the radio will sustain everyone in our community.

Servers & Stability
Stability of our network has been something we’ve always worked on trying to improve. Over the past year, we’ve migrated twice to...
Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! It’s officially 2018! Such a satisfying, even number… mmm… But, it’s a new year and a fresh start, and we have so many awesome things coming!

General News
2017 was such an eventful year! Star Tours was reopened, Frozen: Live at the Hyperion was shown for the first time ever, we moved officially to Discord, our first experimental minigame was tested, we held a May the 4th event, held a Pride party, had a Halloween and Winter seasonal, and so much more! It was a wonderful year for us, and we enjoyed getting to spend it with all of you! Enough lingering in the past, it’s 2018!

Just yesterday we had a race around Hollywood Studios to celebrate the new year! Combined with showings of Illuminations and Fantasy in the Sky, it was an amazing day to spend with everyone. Congratulations to the 1st place winner, EnzoGoober, and the 2nd place winner, xctf. Enzo graciously gifted the rank upgrade to xctf, which was so so nice of him!

To continue with the new year fun, Hard Rock Hotel is now open to all ranks! This is our first hotel in the Universal universe, and we couldn’t be more happy to share it. I can assure you a luxury stay with a hint of rock! All ranks can access the hotel by going to /warp dvcrr, and Dweller+ can access their own special lounge by going to /warp dvcrr!

In the coming year, Creative Spotlights will be returning to these newsletters as well! We’ve been working for a few months now reworking the system, and can’t wait to see what you all have been up to on Creative!

As well as everything above, there is so much coming up in the next year we can’t even tell you about yet! You’ll just have to stay tuned. ;)

Last week we asked you to “What is your favorite thing about Seasonal?” And the majority of you chose EVERYTHING!
Now we want to know all you are most excited about for 2018?!
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Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! Christmas is exactly one week away, can you believe it? I’m all of the elves are running around trying to make sure no one catches on fire! We have some pretty jolly news today, so let’s jump into it!

General News
As the holiday season is close to an end, why not have it go out with a bang? And by a bang we mean a holly jolly party of course! Join us this Saturday at 5pm-7pm EST for a wonderful celebration. There will be rockin’ music, food, games, and maybe even some super special guests will visit! Keep watch on our socials for more information as the party approaches!

I’m sure most of you are already aware, but our Winter seasonal is now open, and just in time too! There are tons of fun rides and just overall holiday cheer for all to enjoy. I’ve heard Santa will even be visiting throughout the month! We will be starting a #12DaysofSeasonal event soon where we feature a different ride/attraction for 12 days. Take a picture on that ride/attraction and post it using #PalacePix to get in the holiday spirit!
*Access Seasonal by going using /warp Seasonal*

For all of the easter egg hunters out there, our new winter hub has 5 hidden Christmas puns hidden all around it. Beat your friends to be the first one who has found all five. If you’re more of a casual easter egg finder, please enjoy the annoyingly enjoyable puns. ;)

Last week we asked you to “What is your favorite holiday movie?” And the majority of you chose Elf & The Polar Express!
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Holiday Staff Interview
Welcome to the first holiday staff interview, today we interviewed GreenieGirl

Q) Favorite holiday movie?
A) Elf! I watch it so much every December, I practically memorized it.
Q) Favorite holiday snack?
A) Peppermint Bark, I love the mix of mint and...
Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! Can you believe it’s already the second week of December? The fun has only just begun, and we have so many announcements. Let’s go!

General News
First up, something I’m sure all of you will be excited for, staff applications are now open! We are looking for committed, passionate, and caring individuals to join us. Also a pinch of love for Disney, Universal, and theme parks in general is always appreciated! Applications are only open for a limited time, and we will be announcing when they are closing. Best of luck everyone!
Apply Here

Also, we have a few new members joining our admin team! They have shown their dedication, and it’s time they get to shine. Please give a warm welcome BGannon, Limegreenicy, and XtraFr3ckle as admins. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing work they will do, and make sure to give them a little congrats when you see them on the server!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing turnouts this weekend at the Game Night & Tower of Terror backstage tour. Early in the day we had some friendly competition in some games and activities, and later we had an amazing tour. Those who attended got to even see behind the scenes of some of the holiday overlays. For those who missed it, more tours will be coming soon!

This December we will have many new events coming, parties, races, game nights, tours, and more! We are always open to suggestions, so please feel free to drop a message to any of our staff.

Also, a note to everyone who follows our social medias, keep your eyes open! Lots of teasers are coming soon. ;)

Last week we asked you to “Pick a special question to be included in December staff interviews” and the majority of you chose to ask “What is your favorite holiday movie?” Interviews will start next week!
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Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! Welcome to December, 2017 everyone! As temperatures cool and fireplaces start getting used, it’s the perfect time for the holidays. Hot cocoa, candy canes, chocolate, AND CANDLES. Let’s jump into this week’s newsletter!

General News
The Grinchmas Wholiday Spectacular has been shown for the first time! We hope you all enjoyed as much as the Grinch did, he had a blast! If you missed this showing, don’t fret. The Wholiday Spectacular will be showing multiple times throughout the month. Just keep watch for announcements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and this very newsletter!

Our lovely staff member, ScanWorks, will be holding another famous Game Night this Sunday at 12:30pm EST! If you’re new, Game Nights happen at random times, and they include a wide variety of activities. Including games, prizes, and it is a great way to meet some new friends. It’s always good to have some friendly competition. ;)

For those of you who have ever wondered what lies behind the surface of the Tower of Terror, there is another backstage tour this weekend! Join your tour guide, myself, Sunday the 10th at 6pm EST for a full in depth tour of the ride. You can expect some peeks into how the ride works, fun facts, and of course, SELFIES.

We have so much coming this December, so keep all of your eyes peeled! ;)

Last week we asked “What did you enjoy most about November on Palace?” and the majority of you chose the anniversary and Forbidden Journey!
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I hope you all enjoyed the newsletter, and make sure to watch for the newest edition next Monday! Have a lovely day, and see you on the server! ^-^
Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! This happens to be our last newsletter of November 2017! Can you believe the year is already almost over? We’ve had our anniversary, feasts, and so much more. Let’s finish November strong!

General News
First up, happy Cyber Monday everyone! If you’ve been questioning getting a rank, or would like to purchase one for a friend, now is the time to do it! Get ANY rank 25% off until tonight at 11:59pm EST. Making Dweller $11.25, Noble $22.50, Majestic $37.50, and Honorable $56.25. If you have purchased a rank in the past and want to upgrade, now is also the perfect time to do so.
Check out our store here.

Do we have any Dr. Seuss fans out there? The Grinchmas Wholiday Spectacular is coming, and it’s going to blow all of you away! This will be showing all throughout December for everyone to enjoy. This and many other events soon to be revealed will make up our holiday season. We have so much coming, so make sure to keep your eyes open everywhere for teasers! And watch out for that nasty Grinch, I’ve heard he steals Christmas trees…

Mickey and Minnie had a wonderful feast this past week in honor of Thanksgiving. They were so so thankful for everyone who came, and they even mentioned they would love to visit again soon! All of us here at Palace are so thankful for all of you. Where would we be without the community who made it who it is? We would like to thank any veteran players for always sticking around, and to all of the new players, welcome to the family!

November marked Palace’s 1-year anniversary, and as we said before, we wouldn’t be here without all of you. Let’s remember this month, and see where we are next year! I can promise you there are so many things will be coming throughout the next year. But, we have to get through December first! Candy canes, cookies, hot cocoa, mmmm….

Last week we asked “What is your favorite...
Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! Happy Thanksgiving week to those who celebrate it! As Christmas nears, we have some fun events to wrap up November first! I’m sure you’ll all be super excited, so let’s jump into it.

General News
Some special pals have invited all of you to a Thanksgiving character dinner! Join this Friday at 3pm EST for a feast set for giants. Including all of your food favorites, and some secret character appearances. If you’ve never been to a character dining before, you will be seated by a lovely waiter, receive some delicious five star snacks, and the characters guests will come around to each table! It has been some time, and the characters are super hungry, so make sure to stop by!

Character applications are now open! We know many of you have been asking for sometime, and we are so thankful for your eagerness. We are looking for some passionate character lovers, and if you think you have what it takes you can apply here. Make sure to have an account on our forums in order to apply! Applications will close after we think we have enough applicants, just watch for announcements.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is now open in Universal Studios Orlando! Our team has put so much love into this ride, and they are so overjoyed that it is finally released. Join Harry and friends in a magical flight through Hogwarts and it’s grounds. Watch out for an array of magical creatures, just waiting to meet you! Not all are friendly however, so be on the lookout! You can visit using /warp FJ.

Holiday Wishes has also come to the Magic Kingdom! Make sure to keep a look at the show schedule using your Mickey watch, because it is not a show you will want to miss. Featuring all sorts of holiday cheer, it is the perfect way to set yourself in a cheery mood. Keep a lookout for other holiday shows as well!

Also a quick developer’s note, if Creative’s chat is...
Hello there! I’m Lego, one of the Managers on Palace. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about new feature releases, but I’m excited to start doing them again! We have a lot of new features coming out soon, and some are coming out today!

We’ll be calling this update “The Honor Update” and it will be released in phases. Today is Phase One, and we’ll make posts about future phases as they come closer.

So what’s in Phase One, you might ask? Let’s take a look…

Honor Points

This will be Palace’s new leveling system! Above your experience bar you’ll see a number based on what level you are, and the experience bar will show your progress to the next level. Each level requires you to earn more and more Honor Points to reach the next one.

Now you might be wondering “How do I earn Honor Points?” Great question!

We will be fully rolling this out over the next few days, however here’s how you will get Honor Points on the network:
  • Playing in the Arcade
    • Scoring/placing higher in games gets you more HP
  • Riding rides
    • You get a certain amount of HP per minute a ride lasts, so Kilimanjaro Safaris rewards more HP than it’s a small world.
  • Watching Shows
    • Similar to rides, you get a certain amount of HP depending on how long the show is.
  • Earning Achievements
    • Each achievement you earn gets you 5 HP. You no longer get 5 tokens per achievement.
  • Playing on Creative
    • You’ll still earn $10 every 30 minutes, however now you’ll get 5 HP for every 18 minutes you spend on Creative.
      • Why 18? We spent a while trying to balance the “worth” of every action that rewards HP on the server and, after a lot of calculations, we found that 5 HP for every 18 minutes spent is the best balance between Creative, Parks, Arcade, etc.
Those are all of the different ways you can earn...
Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! It is now November 2017, our anniversary month, and we have to much to share!

General News
First off, happy one year anniversary everyone! This has been such an amazing journey and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. From new games, renovations, and parks. To shiny new cosmetics, and these very newsletters. While we’ve had such an amazing time, imagine what we will have done by our second anniversary! For now, let’s enjoy the celebrations!

Our lovely cosmetic fairies have released a free anniversary crown that can be redeemed by ALL RANKS! Show your love this month by heading to our store, found here, and clicking on the cosmetics tab. From there click on the crown, enter your information, no card needed, and redeem the crown for free. This will be available for a limited amount of time, so make sure to snag yourself a shiny crown before it is gone!

We also have created a super special anniversary show to bring the celebration to a whole new level. This shows at random times, so just make sure to watch chat! It’s set in our newest park, Universal Studios Orlando, and can be accessed by /warp Palace.

We will also be having tons of other events through the month, so just keep watch on our social medias, the server chat, and these newsletters.

Once again, thank you all for such an amazing year, and we can’t wait to see where we will all go in the future!

Last week we asked “What was your favorite part of October on Palace” and the majority of you chose ALL OF IT!
Now we want to know what you are most excited for during November!
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I hope you all enjoyed the newsletter, and make sure to watch for the newest edition next Monday! Have a lovely day, and see you on the server! ^-^