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Palace Network

Since the acquisition, we have found that there has been a bit of confusion as to who truly is The Palace and why did all of this happen? We wanted to share with you guys a little more about who we are.


Who is The Palace?
Since Palace Network acquired MCMagic there has been a lot of confusion on who exactly is The Palace and why they wanted to take on MCMagic. Something that you may not know is that The Palace was formed and is run by Managers of MCMagic!

Where did The Palace originate?
Great question! The Palace originated as a passion project for Brant (xBrant), Turner (Turner) and Eli (DevSlashNull) long ago. Over the course of the last year but was put on the back burner as other projects and obligations were posing as a priority. Until recently, The Palace didn’t have a core to flourish and prosper.

Why did The Palace acquire MCMagic?
MCMagic has been on a gradual decline for a while now and the Management Team have been anxious to push the network to new heights and create new and exciting memories for the world to share.

Where is TheRealDuckie?
TheRealDuckie is no longer affiliated with or involved with The Palace or MCMagic. MCMagic was purchased and now is fully owned by Palace Network’s Management Team. Duckie is currently pursuing his own ventures and we’re all rooting for him, and we will continue building off the vision of a safe and family friendly environment.

Who runs The Palace now?
The Palace is currently run by the Administration team on the network, including: xBrant, Turner, Legobuilder0813, Daloria, Steven_Davison, and Innectic. The Palace has also kept all of the incredible members of the MCMagic Staff Team. This strong team with roots stemming from the previous MCMagic Management Team knows they have what it takes to bring this network to incredible, new places that will offer more than just Disney...​
Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce that MCMagic Parks has been acquired by the Palace Network!

The Palace Network is an all inclusive family friendly Minecraft network, focusing on the safety and security of all of our players.

This is a monumental step for the MCMagic Community. We're dedicated to keeping the magic alive for all of our guests who are exploring our Disney parks, and also those who are venturing out and exploring the various different types of game-modes we will be offering.

We know that there will be a lot of questions - please view our reply to this post for some Frequently Asked Questions.

We appreciate your support through this endeavor, and we look forward to creating even more magical moments for all of us to enjoy!

Best Regards,
Palace Network Management Team