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Palace Network

Hey there,

On Thursday, May 18th at 1:45pm EDT we will be performing maintenance on our Park servers. These changes are to prepare our servers to support 1.12 when Mojang releases the new Minecraft version (expected to be in the coming weeks). We will also be upgrading our Parks from legacy code to the new system used everywhere else on the network like on Arcade and Creative.

This update will make it much easier for us to add 1.12 support as soon as it's available. Also, we will be able to update features on the Parks more frequently. As most have noticed, our Parks still have the MCMagic name in Autograph books, Disneyland isn't in the MagicBand... This update will fix all of those issues, and we're sorry we couldn't do it sooner.

The FastPass Kiosk will still give out daily FastPasses, and we plan on adding back voting rewards in the future! However, we are temporarily removing the monthly rewards. In order to make some changes we have planned for the future, and to comply with Mojang's EULA, we will be changing the monthly rewards from Tokens to something new. This new thing will be announced soon :)

Unlike other servers on our network like Creative, our Parks are still running on 1.8.8. That's why we haven't used any new Minecraft blocks in the Parks yet. During the maintenance we will update the server and maps to 1.11.2.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance reply to this thread below. Follow @PalaceDev on Twitter for the latest news on the progress of the maintenance.

After the maintenance is over, if you encounter any bugs, please fill out a bug report! This helps us stay organized when fixing any issues and we'll be able to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hello friends!, I am happy to announce that we will be holding a Community Project to build a ride for our new Summer Seasonal. To participate you must be registered on our Discord server.I will be starting some time next weekend and I will be setting people up in 'Meeting Room' on our Discord.

Since you will be trusted onto the plot there are a few rules you should follow

1. Do not destroy other's builds, this is classed as griefing and will be dealt with the same way as we deal with all griefs on the server.

2. Please keep all builds appropriate and related to the theme,

3. Please be nice to all other builders, if you have a problem please message me or another staff member who is on at the time and they should be able to sort everything out

As we have not chosen a theme for the project we want some ideas. If you want to participate in the project and have ideas for the theme please fill out the form below. I look forward to building with all of you!


Congratulations to our winners,



Easter is almost upon us and the Easter bunnies have been dropping eggs off all around the server!​

There are 26 different eggs spread out around the maps. Your job is to find them!

Each egg has a little snack for you to collect and each snack is named after a different character. Once you have found all 26 names pop them into the form below along with the name of the server where you found them, then submit the form for your chance to win!


Forms can be submitted from 9th April until 22nd April. Winners will be contacted on 23rd April.

There are 3 eggs in each of the following areas;

The Hub
Animal Kingdom
Disney Hollywood Studios
Typhoon Lagoon

And 5 in;

Magic Kingdom

Five lucky guests will win an upgrade to their rank! If you're a Settler, Dweller, Noble or Majestic, you will be upgraded to the next tiered rank. If you're an Honorable, you have the option to claim 200 tokens or gift the rank upgrade to a friend.

The Important bits:

Make sure you are signed up on our forums as this is how we will contact you if you win! Register using this link: https://palace.network/register/

Make sure to have your minecraft username as your forum username. To change your this visit the link below:


If we can not reach you within a week of the closing date your prize will be forfeit and go to the next possible winner.

Just a...
Introducing the Palace Network Discord Server!

Hey Palace Network Family!

Today we are unveiling a long awaited facet to our Community. We are so excited to share with you all that we are transitioning from Mumble to Discord!

How do I join Discord?
Great question! Getting started is simple and can be done by following the instructions HERE.

What is Discord? Why are we leaving Mumble?
Discord is an incredible voice and chat solution popular to the gaming community that has been found to be a great way to communicate with all of your beloved communities in one place! We understand that Mumble is growing to be a bit harder to use with all of the things we have planned and we found that Discord is the best platform to integrate our network activities. Mumble unfortunately doesn’t allow us to achieve the same things.

Mumble has done us a lot of great but we will be paying our adieus and turning a new chapter in with our new voice/chat feature.

What’s going to happen to Mumble?
Mumble will remain online for the next month or so. When you connect to Mumble, you will not be able to chat or text. Instructions on how to connect to Discord will be found in the chat box :)

Why do I need to link my Minecraft account to my Discord account on the Palace Network Server?

Linking your Minecraft account will make sure that you retain your role on the Discord in real time and it also applies a nickname to you on Discord so that people know who you are on Discord by your Minecraft Username.

What happens if I don’t link my account?
You will still be able to stay in our Discord server but you will not have the ability to speak, write in text channels, or view most text channels. Linking your account is critical for some future plans that we have ;)

What will happen to Mumble?
Mumble will eventually be closed down for good but for now we will keep...

Winners have been randomly chosen and forum messages are being sent!

We love our guests!!

To start off that o' so famous hearts and flowers holiday coming up on the 14th we have come up with a game for you to play called:

18 Perfect Pairs

These pairs are hidden through out the server!

Here's how it works:

You must be signed up on our forums. use this link to do so: https://palace.network/register/
(Use your Minecraft name as your forum name)

Find all 18 Perfect Pairs hidden on the server. You will find little scenes with armor stands.

Look in these locations:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Disney Cruise Lines
  • [FONT=Trebuchet...

I'm writing this post today to clarify what appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding our Developer Applications.

What are the things that developers DO NOT do?
- Developers do not build maps on our servers. Builders, or "Imagineers" are people that are selected from our team of Guest Relations Squires and Knights, or the Creator Project.
- Developers are generally not on the server to help with guest issues or answer questions. Developers are not considered Guest Relations.

We're seeing a lot of applications come in from people who are looking to build on our servers, or help guests in chat, run shows, etc. This is definitely not what a Developer is. Please keep an eye out for when we open Guest Relations applications, these are the applications that you'll be looking for.

Alright, so what are some things that Developers do?
- Developers create the back-end of our server. They write the code that makes things tick.
- Developers also create our website, and other resources. They work on updates surrounding the forum, and other tools that the staff team use.

Okay cool! So what do I need to know to become a developer at Palace Network?
- Depends on what you specialize in! We're looking for both Web Developers and Plugin Developers; but here's some pretty basic requirements.

Plugin Developer
Must have experience with Java & creating Minecraft Plugins. Our back-end is pretty substantial and this is not a learning position.
Must have the ability to work on delegated tasks alone and as a team.
You should be OK with asking for help, and receiving constructive feedback. Mistakes are always welcome, and warranted, but as a team we want you to build off of other's strengths.

Web Developer
Must have experience with HTML, PHP, JS, & CSS. We're currently using Typescript and Angular2 for back-end systems that you would most likely be working on as well....
That's right! After such a long time, Creative is finally going to update to a newer Minecraft version, 1.11. We will be upgrading the server to support all new blocks such as Purpur Blocks, Magma Blocks and, best of all, Elytras!

Why has Creative been lagging a lot recently? Will this be fixed?
Something that's been affecting everyone on our Creative server the past few months is the lag spikes that happen every now and then. Recently, they've been getting bad enough that sometimes everyone is disconnected because of the spikes. We've done all we could to investigate the source of the issue and the only conclusion we could come to is this: The map is beginning to corrupt. That means we will need to reset the map.

What about our builds? Can we save them?
For the past few map resets, we always offered up downloads of your plots, and this time is no different. Starting today, Wednesday December 28th, you are able to download a schematic of your plot. To download, just go to our Creative server (/join Creative), stand on your Plot and type /download. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of guests that come on our server, we cannot help you with usage of the schematic once you get it. Note: Only the owner of a Plot can download a schematic.

Why didn't you update sooner?
We've wanted to update for the past few months, but a few things held us back. Until recently, a large portion of the players that go on Creative used older Minecraft versions like 1.8. Since the release of 1.11, they've begun to update to newer versions, and, if you haven't yet, we suggest you start using MC 1.11.2. Another reason we've been waiting was that the update would require a map reset as mentioned above. We wanted to get the most usage out of this version of our map as possible.

What version of Minecraft should I use now?
In order to support all of the features...
Hello everyone!

Want to increase your chances of becoming staff on PalaceNetwork? Make sure to check for the following pointers below. These are major factors we look for in every application:

  • Answering questions in chat will get you noticed by both guests and staff as a helpful person.
  • Having good grammar will make it easier for others to understand you.
  • Visiting our mumble server often will help other staff and guests get to know you better. It is also a requirement for all staff.
  • Having a microphone makes it easier for others to communicate with you on mumble.
  • Following our rules and guidelines is a requirement to become staff. If you have not followed our rules, this will greatly affect your chances of becoming staff.
  • If you have prior kicks/mutes/bans please make sure to explain in detail what they were for, why they happened and why you committed the offence. As well make sure to include what you’ve changed to make sure that you no longer break the rules.
  • All of our staff work as a team, so the ability to work well with others is helpful. We look through past chat logs to see when and how you communicate/work with others.

We wish you all the best of luck! Please make sure to let us know below if you have any other questions!
Hello Everyone!

Santa has come to visit our servers and while he has been here he has granted some of the wishes our guests have sent to him through the post office on our Seasonal server. You can get there using the /warp Village transport on the server. Today Santa spent 2 hours signing autographs and watching Dreams with our lovely guests. He is going to be visiting us every weekend through New Years. This list will update as he visits!

Sadly Santa has visited us for the last time this season. He is so proud of the wonderful guests you guys have been. The final list of people who he left presents for is below:
  • Darkfire229 is now a Dweller on our server
  • PDMYoutube is now a Noble on our server
  • 7Suburban is now a Dweller on our server
  • Matthew1551 is now a Dweller on our server
  • BaerBros is now a Noble on our server
  • Kaitlin2005 is now a Majestic on our server
  • JustPlatinum is now a Majestic on our server
  • Mlovesdogs1011 is now a Honorable on our server
  • DocterDiamond is now a Honorable on our server
  • Parkour_Banana is now a Honorable on our server
  • ThewyAverage24 is now a Honorable on our server
  • H0pestart3r is now a Majestic on our server
  • Mrcoolguy_ is now a Majestic on our server
  • SirPlaysMC is now a Majestic on our server
  • Trash_Heff is now a Noble on our server
  • Soarin7 is now a Noble on our server
  • _Limekun is now a Dweller on our server
  • MalfoyDaRiddle is now a Dweller on our server
  • Nerdo12000 is now a Dweller on our server
  • Daniellejs8 was given a Cinderella Plush
  • Merlinda was given a Cinderella Plush
  • Cctimber was given a Stitch Plush
  • Stinkerbelle was given a Stitch Plush
  • Rainbowyuki was given a Stitch Plush
  • Tantastic22 added animal heads to creative for all the guests to enjoy!
  • Nerdo12000 added Star Wars Heads to creative for all the guests to enjoy!
  • bigdcobia was given a 7 day stay at our Contemporary Resort
  • ii_Livvy was given 5...
A New Way To Apply, A New Way To Appeal!
We are so excited to announce our new and improved Applications and Appeal system! We heard you guys loud and clear about having a better applications system and we felt the same way. We have come up with a solution we think will benefit us all.

The new Application Forms will provide you an easy to follow and use form with all questions compiled and formatted as to make your experience applying to join our team that much easier and more enjoyable. All applications also have all pertinent information about the position accessible and easy to reference on the top of the form.


With this fancy, new applications system, we also found we can integrate a new ban appeal system! Our older appeal systems were always hard to find, was difficult to keep track of, and many weren't sure what information to provide when appealing. If you take a look at our Abuse Center on our forums, the Submit Ban Appeal button will bring you right to our Ban Appeal form that also has our abuse policy readily accessible.

We didn't stop there! We are now, also, centralizing our applications systems for The Creator Project as well as the Character Program.

The Character Program will open applications monthly at which time you will find the button to apply in the Character Space. And Creator Applications will remain open and you can find that handy application link in The Creative Corner.


That's great and all, but how do I know if my application was accepted? Or if my appeal was granted?

Great question! We will be utilizing the site's Private Conversation (PC) feature to provide your application and appeal results directly to you, onsite, as the application/appeal is reviewed.

With Applications, your results will come directly from the Staff member reviewing the application. This will open a line of communication between you and them...