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Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2017
Nov 12, 2016

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Cam_Lestrange was last seen:
Sep 30, 2017
    1. JustPlatinum
      You'll be well missed Cam, <3
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      2. ItsSebway
        Miss you, Cam_Lestrange. :(
        Aug 14, 2017
    2. OneSuperKitten
      Hi Cam! I was wondering how I can get a free rank? Someone said they got theirs free for an Honorable when those are exspensive
      1. _Amphion_
        I am afraid they don't give free ranks at all. The person who had that rank maybe lied or got it during Christmas time when Santa made a stop by.
        Feb 14, 2017
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    3. MrFlameYT
      Hi there could you check on my ban appeal? my IGN is MrFlameYT
      1. _Amphion_
        Please be patient on your ban appeal, because staff have been busy and don't ask them to look at it.
        Feb 13, 2017
        Bailey_Swan and Cam_Lestrange like this.
      2. MrFlameYT
        Well i did on mumble and they fixed it
        Feb 20, 2017
    4. Supermoose33
      Hi, I saw you on this server. I am super moose.
    5. ch4rl1e_99
      So proud of you getting Squire, Cam!
      I'll make sure to come visit you someday. :)
      1. Cam_Lestrange likes this.
    6. tiklepikle
      Hello, im not sure how else to contact someone admin like you but i need help. I applied for a ban appeal 48 hours ago and no response. In summary, i got banned forever for having a "inappropriate name", which was "tiklepikle". I dont understand how its inappropriate, i just want to play on the server without having to pay 25$ for another account..
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      2. cheetah213
        @tiklepikle Hello there! So if you submitted a ban appeal, there is no telling when you will get a response back. Please be patient and you will get a response back as soon as an admin has time to look over the appeal.
        Feb 6, 2017
      3. SandDreemurSteel
        Dude, you can change your name on minecraft, you know that right? Just google it, it'll come up.
        Feb 6, 2017
      4. Hare
        FIrst of all, you shouldn't have been permanently banned for an inappropriate name. You should have been banned for 30 days, enough time to change it on minecraft.net. I just checked your record and it appears there was a mistake in our part. I'll be talking to the higher-uppers staff members about fixing your punishment. Thanks for letting us know about this, and have a royal day. @tiklepikle
        Feb 7, 2017
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    7. Mlovespugs1011
      Congrats on Squire! :D
      1. Cam_Lestrange likes this.
    8. AndrewItUp
      Congrats On Squire! <3
      1. Cam_Lestrange likes this.
    9. RightHandArl
      Congrats! You have been an awesome friend for the past 2+ years! you really do deserve Squire :) Have fun <3
      1. Cam_Lestrange likes this.
      2. Cam_Lestrange
        Thank you so much! <3
        Feb 4, 2017
    10. Cam_Lestrange
      Hello! My name is Cam_Lestrange and I am currently a [Majestic] on ThePalace! I hope to see you on the server soon!
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    11. Cam_Lestrange
      Just bought Noble and then Majestic like one hour later.. xD
      1. ch4rl1e_99 and JustPlatinum like this.
      2. JustPlatinum
        Sweet man! xD
        Jan 16, 2017
        Cam_Lestrange likes this.
    12. Cam_Lestrange
      Hi everyone! I am Cam_Lestrange! I am currently a Dweller on ThePalace Network! I always love to meet new friends! See you soon on Palace!
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    13. Cam_Lestrange
      Hello! :)
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    ✫ ~ . ~ . ~ ✫ C A M _ L E S T R A N G E ✫ ~ . ~ . ~ ✫

    ♫ My Ranking History: ♫
    [Guest] - Sometime in Early 2013 - 2/24/14
    [DVC] - 2/24/14 - 7/4/16 (2 years as a DVC!)
    [Shareholder] - 7/4/16 - 11/18/16
    [Dweller] - 11/18/16 - 1/16/17
    [Noble] - 1/16/17 - 1/16/17 (For only about 1 hour.. xD)
    [Majestic] - 1/16/17 - 2/4/17
    [Squire] - 2/4/17 - 2/20/17
    [Knight] - 2/20/17 - 8/12/17
    [Majestic] - 8/12/17 - Present

    ✡ If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! ✡