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Creative Board Games more rules/Instructions

Discussion in 'Minecraft Builds' started by Helopoh, Aug 16, 2017.

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    Games Rules Continued

    Blokus has become a popular game because it encourages creative and quick thinking. While playing Blokus you'll be faced with the challenge of getting all of your pieces onto the board. This sounds easy enough, but when you have other players that are trying to do the same thing, it can become quite the sticky situation.

    Oh, did we forget to mention there are rules about where you can place your pieces in the game of Blokus? Your pieces can't be played next to any of your other pieces, but they do have to be touching by at least one corner of a piece that has been placed on the board previously. The player that gets rid of all their pieces first wins Blokus. It's also possible for no one to be the winner of Blokus because there are no more available spots on the board. Blokus is a great game that will vary each time you play. Be sure to try out Blokus today!


    The Die for this game is in the clouds above the game board. Each player chooses a head from the 6 available and goes into the cloud to push the button. It will tell you which color to go to next. Place your token on the space and return to the cloud that is closest to your token. We placed several of them so you don't have to go as far. There are spaces to trip you up as you move along. Simply follow what the sign says once you land on it. The first player to King Candy's Castle Wins.

    Original Rules:


    Gone Fishin':
    Gone Fishin' is a basic game. You can play with 2 - infinite players. It is played with what is called House Rules. The only game play that stands is that you must communicate the rules before you start and stick to the rules that is agreed upon by the group playing.

    Object: Be the first to catch all the items on the board.


    Each player empties their inventories. You are to only take a single Fishing rod from your creative menu. Each group decides on 6 items. Choosing what fish, loot or junk that is needed to be caught by the player to win. Once a set of items is decided upon you will place each item in a frame that can be seen by all and if more than one is needed a sign is placed next to the item with the number needed to fish in order to win. Each player picks a chest and puts their name on it.

    Game play starts when all players have emptied their inventories and put a sign on their chest. You can fish in the water, dock, land or in a boat which is available near the boat house. Every item you catch is to be added to the chest with your name on it. Even if that item is not on the list. This keeps it fair.

    There is no time limit to this game. A time limit can be set where the person with the most items caught wins.

    Broken Rod: If you break your rod you may take a replacement out of your inventory to continue.

    This is a game of trust. Please don't cheat. It is meant to be fun and you can't win every game.

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