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How do I join The Creator Project?

Discussion in 'The Creator Project' started by Helopoh, Dec 7, 2016.

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  1. Helopoh

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    Things to know:

    In order to apply for The Creator project you will need to have built something to show us on your Creative plot before you fill out this form.

    We need to see work that is your own. When you add other players and they build with or for you it can ruin your chances of being added to the project. Don't ever think your build isn't good enough. Everyone builds differently. With encouragement and help you can always make your builds awesome. After you apply you will be contacted on the forums if you are accepted.


    As Imagineers/builders it is our job to come up with new innovative designs and techniques, and so we want to see you do the same! We are looking for builds with details we may have never seen.
    • Use all those block tricks to show us something new!

    It may seem insignificant, but trees really bring a build together. Remember to try and incorporate landscaping; it’ll not only add some realistic detail, but it will elevate the entire build itself.
    • To add trees, please, do them by hand.
    • Bone meal for grass is good in some cases. Be careful with it.


    Remember to detail your walls and roofs to add a sense of depth. But don’t go overboard! Cramming as many blocks as possible into one space isn’t always the best way to add detail!


    Scaling is huge on this server. Your build doesn’t need to be on the 1:1 scale we use, but your build should have a general scale. The dog house shouldn’t be half the size of your manor.


    We aren’t looking for you to build several different types of builds on your plot. We want one cohesive world. We want to feel like we have been transported somewhere when we step on your plot. Really think about your build and what would be there if it were real. Try to avoid one giant structure. Think of a country out of Epcot's world showcase. Each country's theme transports you there. Do the same with your build.

    Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Be creative and show us what you can do. Remember, there is no bad builds. We just want to see your very best, and if your very best is a giant giraffe fighting dragons then do it. We want to see your personal style and originality. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Follow These Instructions To Sign Up For The Creat
    or Project

    To apply, click on the Application Forms button on the navigation bar and select Community Applications. From there you will be able to Apply for The Creator Project!

    Or you can also just click this handy link :) https://palace.network/applicationform/apply-for-the-creator-project.6/form

    Make sure to read all of the information above the form and fill out all of the information to the best of your ability :)

    **Please note that Discord is required for this project. We need for you to be on the Discord in order to set you up for your plot on the creator project.**
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