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Palace Network

Hello loves,

After a week of love and chocolate, it is time to get back into our daily business! Not without some classic Palace fun of course!

General News
First up, for all of you character lovers, we are having a winter meet and greet! Hop on Saturday from 3-6:30pm EST for a snowy wonderland of characters. Featuring a wide variety of characters just waiting to give out autographs and warm hugs! Make sure to wear a sturdy coat, mittens, and earmuffs because it’s going to be chilly!

Our Easter egg decorating event is still ongoing! We have loved all of your designs so far, there have been creative, bright, cute, and even downright weird eggs, but we love them all. Some of your eggs even have the chance to be featured in our park-wide Easter egg hunt in April! Visit /warp Egg on Creative to learn more information and rules.

For those remaining Valentine’s Day fans, the Perfect Pairs event ends February 28th. So all of you who haven’t participated still have time! Then, winners will be chosen and rewards given out. There is still lots of candy to be earned, so get out there!
Check out the form here.

Also, the Festival of the Arts has officially ended. This had to have been one of our favorite festivals, and we are already planning for next year! You can so expect the interactive mural to come back because you guys did so well with it. Thank you all for joining us, learning art and culture from all of the countries, and having a good time! Expect a new festival in Epcot soon, the fun never stops!

A small sneak peek, a new form of this newsletter will be coming soon. I won’t give too many hints just yet, but get your popcorn ready! :D

Creative Spotlight
Welcome to the Creative Spotlight! Each week, we will feature a build every week on our newsletter and social media!

Congratulations this week to funkydrummer! Along with help from ciadaboy04, they built a...
Hello loves,

It is officially the week of love and celebration! Who are you spending this special week with?

General News
Happy early Valentine’s day everyone! Around this time every year, we can’t express enough how grateful we are for all of you. After all, Valentine’s is all about showing gratitude towards loved ones! Without you, there would be no Palace. So we would like to thank you, and just send a reminder that we love you all so much. (As if it wasn’t obvious from the giant hub sign….)

Sticking to the theme of Valentine’s, the Perfect Pairs event is still ongoing! This year we will have 22 pairs of Disney and/or Universal Studios related characters who will be hidden in scenes throughout the server. Find them all, and you have the potential to win some awesome rewards! If you’re interested: check out the article here.

Mardis Gras has also come to the Palace, it would be tragic if we just left it out! Coming soon to Universal Studios Orlando: Mardi Gras! This event will be a party like no other, with music, food, and a limited time parade! March down the streets of New York, have a beignet in New Orleans Market, and have a concert from world-renowned artists each weekend! The festivities will take Place on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons, with dates to be announced in the coming weeks!

Also another holiday-related segment, yes I know Spring has so many holidays! Easter egg decorating is still ongoing! We are sooo in love with many of your current designs, and many of them may even be used in the server-wide Easter egg hunt. You can head over to /warp egg on Creative to check out more information and rules.

The Festival of the Arts in Epcot has a new interactive mural! After everyone finished the last one, well done, by the way, another has taken its place! Make sure to fill in your squares daily!
/warp mural

Creative Spotlight
Welcome to the...
Hello loves,

Welcome to February! The month to share time with all of your loved ones. We have some love to share with you!

General News
I’m sure many of you noticed that some lovely content creators recently featured our server on their channels! We cannot even express how grateful we are for their support. We’ve also had soo many new faces, and it’s wonderful to have all of you. The first few days we did have some technical issues due to the large amounts of players, but with a little pixie dust we fixed it right up. We hope you enjoy your stay, and maybe even become members of our loving community!

Checkout AmyLee33’s video.

Check out LDShadowLady’s video.

Check out SmallishBean's video.

Check out Alex’s video.

Egypt is calling! Do you dare to explore the ancient tomb to discover an extraordinary treasure? You have to be care, there are traps, and even mummies! Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride will be opening very soon in Universal Studios Orlando. Don’t forget water, a backpack, some snacks, and maybe some mummy repellent!

Belle is also returning this weekend to share her lover story with the Beast! Beauty and The Beast will be showing this Saturday, the 10th, at 4pm EST. You’ll get to experience a tale as old as time, complete with romance, comedy, drama, and a little bit of magic on the side! What else could you ask for during the month of love??

February is one of our favorite times here, we get to share our love with all of you! We have completely decked out the Hub in Valentine’s deco. It has not yet been spread to all of the other hubs, so just keep a lookout!

Creative Spotlight
Welcome to the Creative Spotlight! Each week, we will feature a build on our...

We love our guests!!<3

It’s the month of friendship and love! Here on Palace Network we are bringing back the very adored Perfect Pairs event from last year! This year we will have 22 pairs of Disney and/or Universal Studios related characters who will be hidden in scenes throughout the server.

Look in these locations:
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Disney Cruise Lines
  • Arcade
  • Hub
  • Universal Studios Florida/Islands of Adventure

Cupid has sent down workers to deliver candy hearts to you all, so near each scene there will be a person giving out candy. Press the button near the person to receive a candy heart. Each candy will have a different name that goes with that specific scene.

Enter the name of the candy heart that corresponds to the characters nearby on the form below, and once you have all 22, submit the form for your chance to win!

FORM: https://goo.gl/forms/Z7VB3VfxGO2PvuZX2

Five randomly selected lucky guests who correctly fill out the form will win an upgrade to their rank! If you're a Settler, Dweller, Noble, or Majestic, you will be upgraded to the next tiered rank. If you're an Honorable, you have the option to claim 200 tokens or gifting the rank upgrade to a friend.

Please do not share answers or warps to the pairs on the servers or forums, as you may be disqualified from the event for this.

You must be signed up on our forums. Use this link to do so: https://palace.network/register/
(Use your Minecraft name as your forum name)

Hello loves,

We have some very exciting news to share this week, and we won’t make you wait!

General News
I’m sure you have already seen, but AmyLee posted a lovely video on our server! She has been recording videos here for many years now, and it’s always such a pleasure to have her visit. Please make sure to check out the video below, and also leave some friendly comments.
Check out the video here.

Also speaking of videos, our YouTube channel will be returning very soon! It has been quite some time since our last video, so we got a team together, and we are ready to get some content made. Some types of videos you can expect will be new recordings of shows, rides, as well as a few secret projects. I wonder what they are? We are hoping to get some new videos out in February, so just make sure to keep a lookout!

We will just cut right to the chase with this one, FANTASMIC IS RETURNING THIS WEEKEND! The magic, fireworks, and water effects have all been prepped for new showings. Join us Saturday, February 3rd, at 4pm EST. It happens to personally be my favorite show, and I can’t wait to see everyone there.

Fantasmic is returning, but what else?? You guys have waited for several months now, and Stitch’s Great Escape will be showing soon! Not only has the show been restored, it has been polished to a pristine quality. Making for a thrilling experience into the world of Stitch. Just make sure not bring any food into the show, he tends to get hungry…
/warp SGE

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, so will the Perfect Pairs event! Some of you may be familiar with this from last year, and if you’re new there will be another forum post dropping soon. The “lovely” fun will start February 1st.

Valentine’s Day won’t be the only holiday in the spotlight, Easter is coming up as well! Egg Decorating has returned this year again! Visit /warp egg on Creative and you can find more...
Hello loves,

It’s been quite chilly the past week! On snow days like these, I love some hot chocolate, blankets, and… new parades?!

General News
Last week it was Festival of Fantasy, this week it is Mainstreet Electrical Parade’s time to return. With some much-needed renovations, facelifts, and some pixie dust, the parade has been returned to its former glory. Don’t even get me started on how long it took to polish the millions of lights! Anyways, the Electrical Parade now has an official spot on the weekly show schedule. See the brilliant lights Tuesdays at 9pm EST, Thursdays at 11am EST, and Saturdays at 4pm EST!

Festival of Fantasy has received a show schedule update! Catch it Mondays at 11am EST, Wednesdays 4pm EST, and Fridays at 9pm EST. Don’t forget to grab a snack before the parade, and enjoy!

Within the new Magic Kingdom castle, Cinderella’s Royal Table has been finished. The chefs have begun preparing food, and it is ready for a grand opening! Join us this Saturday at 11am EST for a delicious Character Dining. Featuring 5-star cuisine, drinks, and desserts. Along with the bonus visits from some very special guests. Skip breakfast that day, you’ll need the room!

We would also like to welcome an all-new round of Trainees joining our staff team. Including JackThePotato, TheRandomPerson2, WizardStorm, zacharym1422, BrittzStudio_, ClassyHusky, TwentyOne Tinks, and Cassiopeiya, and Genjayo! Please give them a warm welcome and hello if you catch them on the server.

Congratulations to the Build Off winners from this weekend, the Purple team! Including SirPlaysMC, BunnyMari, BROADWAYSS, TheRandomPerson2, and VioletDiamond. The theme was “Disney Villains” and they build an absolutely amazing ride called “Destiny Villain”! You can check it out using /warp spectate on Creative.

Along with Build Offs being back, the Creative Spotlight section of this newsletter returns NEXT WEEK! Please make sure to get in all of your submissions!...
Hello loves,

We just had quite the busy week! Festivals, Jedis, and so much more! Are we stopping just yet? Nope!

General News
You may have already noticed, but our Magic Kingdom castle has gotten a bit of facelift! And it is looking quite beautiful if I do say so myself. With that, the stage in front has also been upgraded, with more detail than ever. A bit of pixie dust did just the trick! A new version of Wishes is also now showing with new shows coming soon! Now all of your shader selfie dreams can come true, and I guess it’s pretty to stare at too. But selfies….

Ever wanted to see the Festival of Fantasy parade weekly? Ever wanted to experience the magic 3 days a week? Well, now you can! It currently has a temporary schedule of Monday at 11am est, Wednesday at 4pm est, and Friday at 9pm est! You can check the Mickey clock to see for yourself on the server. An updated schedule will be released at a later date, but for now, enjoy!

Villains are coming, and they don’t plan on bringing peace! This week marks the first Villains Week of 2018! Villains will be meeting after 6pm est today, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A whole week of evil fun! Each day’s villain will be a surprise, and you can look on our social media for which villain is visiting that day. We have quite the lineup of villains, so make sure you have your autograph books ready! (The first post will be later today!)

Creative builders, you’re time has once again come! We are having the first Build Off of 2018. Join us January 20th at 2pm EST for a battle of skill, technique, and style. We hope to see all of the talents of Creative in attendance. Can’t wait to see what fabulous builds are made!

In addition to Build Offs returning, so are Creative Spotlights! Think you're building has what it takes? You can submit a form and every week on this newsletter we will be featuring that build. As well as a mini report on this newsletter, it will also be...
Hello loves,

We are fully into the new year and ready to go. So many plans, so many secrets, hehehe. Just this week we have so much news to share!

General News
In a galaxy far far away… aka the Palace Network… Galactic Nights is coming to you! Throughout this event, there will be Star Wars shows, parties, Jedi Training, and so much more! A perfect fit for any Star Wars fan, but the main question is, which side are you on? This will be held this Saturday, the 13th, from 11am EST to 2pm EST! May the force be with you.

Art lovers, are you there? The famous Festival of the Arts is coming to Epcot very soon! Including art from many diverse and unique cultures. Featuring multiple tents with music, paintings, sculptures, and I’m sure there will be many tasty treats along the way as well. I’ve heard talk of an orchestra as well, how exciting?! The festival lasts from this Friday, the 12th, all the way to February 19th. Make sure to catch some of the lovely works of art!

We are also very pleased to announce that the Magic Kingdom express and the resort monorails will be complete very soon! Keep an eye out for the walls to come down shortly! We have spent quite some time on restoring them for everyone’s enjoyment, and is a very scenic route of transportation! If you’re not into using warps, these are perfect for you! More updates coming soon, so just make sure to keep an eye out!

Some of you may have noticed that we were under maintenance for several hours last night. After some Developer magic and hard work, everything is clean and ready to go! Please let us know of any bugs, errors, or crashes and this week goes on. We can only fix something if it is reported. Also, make sure to drop a little thank you to any Developers you see online as they have worked quite hard. :)

As mentioned previously, Creative Spotlights are nearing a return soon! After much thought, organization, and cleaning, the system is almost ready to go! We will make sure to make an...
2017 was a year of challenges for us. We’ve learned a lot over the past year and we’re really excited to put that knowledge to good use in 2018. We’ve experienced growing pains, and we’ve said goodbye to some of our awesome team members over the past year as they embark on new journeys.

We’ve been hard at work on new features to bring the Palace community even closer together. While we’re not quite done yet, I’m super excited to share these updates with you as we start the new year off together.

Palace Network Website
Some of you may have known that we’ve been working on a new website for you all. From the moment you visit it, you’ll be greeted with information about upcoming events, news and announcements from our Staff Team, player and server statistics, and more. Once you log in, you’ll be able to receive customized information that you want to see, such as your friends, your own playing time, and much more we’ll announce soon. The website isn't ready yet, but stay tuned for more information about it!


Palace Radio
A few months ago during our last Community Meeting, we talked a bit about Palace Radio - an online radio station manned by Palace Staff playing all the top family-friendly hit music. A service like this requires a lot of planning. Streaming music almost 24/7 takes up a lot of bandwidth and a lot of time to get right. While we’ve been pretty quiet about it, we’re happy to announce that we’re going to be doing a live test of the radio this month! This will be our way of testing out if the service we currently are using to host the radio will sustain everyone in our community.

Servers & Stability
Stability of our network has been something we’ve always worked on trying to improve. Over the past year, we’ve migrated twice to...
Hello loves,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! It’s officially 2018! Such a satisfying, even number… mmm… But, it’s a new year and a fresh start, and we have so many awesome things coming!

General News
2017 was such an eventful year! Star Tours was reopened, Frozen: Live at the Hyperion was shown for the first time ever, we moved officially to Discord, our first experimental minigame was tested, we held a May the 4th event, held a Pride party, had a Halloween and Winter seasonal, and so much more! It was a wonderful year for us, and we enjoyed getting to spend it with all of you! Enough lingering in the past, it’s 2018!

Just yesterday we had a race around Hollywood Studios to celebrate the new year! Combined with showings of Illuminations and Fantasy in the Sky, it was an amazing day to spend with everyone. Congratulations to the 1st place winner, EnzoGoober, and the 2nd place winner, xctf. Enzo graciously gifted the rank upgrade to xctf, which was so so nice of him!

To continue with the new year fun, Hard Rock Hotel is now open to all ranks! This is our first hotel in the Universal universe, and we couldn’t be more happy to share it. I can assure you a luxury stay with a hint of rock! All ranks can access the hotel by going to /warp dvcrr, and Dweller+ can access their own special lounge by going to /warp dvcrr!

In the coming year, Creative Spotlights will be returning to these newsletters as well! We’ve been working for a few months now reworking the system, and can’t wait to see what you all have been up to on Creative!

As well as everything above, there is so much coming up in the next year we can’t even tell you about yet! You’ll just have to stay tuned. ;)

Last week we asked you to “What is your favorite thing about Seasonal?” And the majority of you chose EVERYTHING!
Now we want to know all you are most excited about for 2018?!
Check out the poll here!