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Palace Network

That's right! After such a long time, Creative is finally going to update to a newer Minecraft version, 1.11. We will be upgrading the server to support all new blocks such as Purpur Blocks, Magma Blocks and, best of all, Elytras!

Why has Creative been lagging a lot recently? Will this be fixed?
Something that's been affecting everyone on our Creative server the past few months is the lag spikes that happen every now and then. Recently, they've been getting bad enough that sometimes everyone is disconnected because of the spikes. We've done all we could to investigate the source of the issue and the only conclusion we could come to is this: The map is beginning to corrupt. That means we will need to reset the map.

What about our builds? Can we save them?
For the past few map resets, we always offered up downloads of your plots, and this time is no different. Starting today, Wednesday December 28th, you are able to download a schematic of your plot. To download, just go to our Creative server (/join Creative), stand on your Plot and type /download. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of guests that come on our server, we cannot help you with usage of the schematic once you get it. Note: Only the owner of a Plot can download a schematic.

Why didn't you update sooner?
We've wanted to update for the past few months, but a few things held us back. Until recently, a large portion of the players that go on Creative used older Minecraft versions like 1.8. Since the release of 1.11, they've begun to update to newer versions, and, if you haven't yet, we suggest you start using MC 1.11.2. Another reason we've been waiting was that the update would require a map reset as mentioned above. We wanted to get the most usage out of this version of our map as possible.

What version of Minecraft should I use now?
In order to support all of the features...
Hello everyone!

Want to increase your chances of becoming staff on PalaceNetwork? Make sure to check for the following pointers below. These are major factors we look for in every application:

  • Answering questions in chat will get you noticed by both guests and staff as a helpful person.
  • Having good grammar will make it easier for others to understand you.
  • Visiting our mumble server often will help other staff and guests get to know you better. It is also a requirement for all staff.
  • Having a microphone makes it easier for others to communicate with you on mumble.
  • Following our rules and guidelines is a requirement to become staff. If you have not followed our rules, this will greatly affect your chances of becoming staff.
  • If you have prior kicks/mutes/bans please make sure to explain in detail what they were for, why they happened and why you committed the offence. As well make sure to include what you’ve changed to make sure that you no longer break the rules.
  • All of our staff work as a team, so the ability to work well with others is helpful. We look through past chat logs to see when and how you communicate/work with others.

We wish you all the best of luck! Please make sure to let us know below if you have any other questions!
Hello Everyone!

Santa has come to visit our servers and while he has been here he has granted some of the wishes our guests have sent to him through the post office on our Seasonal server. You can get there using the /warp Village transport on the server. Today Santa spent 2 hours signing autographs and watching Dreams with our lovely guests. He is going to be visiting us every weekend through New Years. This list will update as he visits!

Sadly Santa has visited us for the last time this season. He is so proud of the wonderful guests you guys have been. The final list of people who he left presents for is below:
  • Darkfire229 is now a Dweller on our server
  • PDMYoutube is now a Noble on our server
  • 7Suburban is now a Dweller on our server
  • Matthew1551 is now a Dweller on our server
  • BaerBros is now a Noble on our server
  • Kaitlin2005 is now a Majestic on our server
  • JustPlatinum is now a Majestic on our server
  • Mlovesdogs1011 is now a Honorable on our server
  • DocterDiamond is now a Honorable on our server
  • Parkour_Banana is now a Honorable on our server
  • ThewyAverage24 is now a Honorable on our server
  • H0pestart3r is now a Majestic on our server
  • Mrcoolguy_ is now a Majestic on our server
  • SirPlaysMC is now a Majestic on our server
  • Trash_Heff is now a Noble on our server
  • Soarin7 is now a Noble on our server
  • _Limekun is now a Dweller on our server
  • MalfoyDaRiddle is now a Dweller on our server
  • Nerdo12000 is now a Dweller on our server
  • Daniellejs8 was given a Cinderella Plush
  • Merlinda was given a Cinderella Plush
  • Cctimber was given a Stitch Plush
  • Stinkerbelle was given a Stitch Plush
  • Rainbowyuki was given a Stitch Plush
  • Tantastic22 added animal heads to creative for all the guests to enjoy!
  • Nerdo12000 added Star Wars Heads to creative for all the guests to enjoy!
  • bigdcobia was given a 7 day stay at our Contemporary Resort
  • ii_Livvy was given 5...
A New Way To Apply, A New Way To Appeal!
We are so excited to announce our new and improved Applications and Appeal system! We heard you guys loud and clear about having a better applications system and we felt the same way. We have come up with a solution we think will benefit us all.

The new Application Forms will provide you an easy to follow and use form with all questions compiled and formatted as to make your experience applying to join our team that much easier and more enjoyable. All applications also have all pertinent information about the position accessible and easy to reference on the top of the form.


With this fancy, new applications system, we also found we can integrate a new ban appeal system! Our older appeal systems were always hard to find, was difficult to keep track of, and many weren't sure what information to provide when appealing. If you take a look at our Abuse Center on our forums, the Submit Ban Appeal button will bring you right to our Ban Appeal form that also has our abuse policy readily accessible.

We didn't stop there! We are now, also, centralizing our applications systems for The Creator Project as well as the Character Program.

The Character Program will open applications monthly at which time you will find the button to apply in the Character Space. And Creator Applications will remain open and you can find that handy application link in The Creative Corner.


That's great and all, but how do I know if my application was accepted? Or if my appeal was granted?

Great question! We will be utilizing the site's Private Conversation (PC) feature to provide your application and appeal results directly to you, onsite, as the application/appeal is reviewed.

With Applications, your results will come directly from the Staff member reviewing the application. This will open a line of communication between you and them...
Thank you to everyone who joined us for today's meeting. We had a wonderful time.
We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

Who is The Palace?
  • The Palace originated as a passion project for Brant (xBrant), Turner (Turner) and Eli (DevSlashNull) long ago. Over the course of the last year but was put on the back burner as other projects and obligations were posing as a priority. Until recently, The Palace didn’t have a core to flourish and prosper.
  • The Palace wants to keep, maintain, and expand the Disney parks all the while providing new, fresh, and exciting mini-games, adventures, and fun.
  • The Palace doesn't have a single owner. All of the Emperors and Empresses own and lead the server.
Where is Disney?
  • Our Disney Parks have not gone anywhere. You can very much still /join TTC and visit. We still have all of the parks built and maintained all these years. We will continue to nurture and improve our parks for all guests to enjoy.
  • Currently working on expansions like Disneyland and California adventure, as well as a few more to further improve your Disney experiences in-game.

Staff Ranks:
These are the people who help keep the server running on a daily basis.

  • Manager > Empress/Emperor
  • Developer > Wizard
  • Coordinator > Paladin
  • Cast Member > Knight
  • Earning My Ears > Squire
Support Ranks:
These are the guests that...
Happy holidays everyone!

We have some very special announcements for the holiday season to share with you!
Firstly, please share all of your jolly photos with #PalaceHolidays!

Secondly, we have a very special social media event happening! From today to December 24th, we will post a picture of a word hidden in one of the many seasonal staff houses we have in the winter wonderland. 22 words for 22 days, a 22 word long sentence. On Christmas day, put all of the words together you have found, and tweet them at the @PalaceNetwork page on Twitter! The five random people who have sent the full sentence will win a free, limited edition, Olaf costume! We hope you enjoy our new seasonal, and we hope you will appreciate the detail every staff member put into their house!

Missed the tweets? Here are all of the homes that are currently filled with a word! They will stay until after the giveaway on the 24th!
[SPOILER="December 14th - Word...
As many of you know the minigame Spleef is one of the oldest minigames on Minecraft, we decided to bring it to Palace Network! All Nobles and higher can test it out at /join arcade

It will be launching to the public later this weekend. We can't wait for everyone to see what maps and new ideas we launch next!

Mark today as the day we expand the magic outside of Disney World, all ranks that are Noble or above can now look around and watch us build Disneyland. /warp dlrpreview

Not a Noble rank or higher? You can upgrade your rank here:
https://store.thepalacemc.com or https://store.mcmagic.us





Howdy everyone!

First off, we would like to start by thanking each and every one of you for all the support on the forums as well as social media. You've all been so crucial to this all, we do all of this for you, the guests.

You're going to notice some changes this coming weekend. We will be launching our new spawn, minigame as well as new ranks. These things will be rolled out in portions and should be fully completed on Monday the 21st.

First off, lets start with the new spawn! The new spawn will be The Palace hub, it will connect to all of the new servers. With that being said, the new servers are
  • Arcade
    • Game Central Station - Lobby
    • Outpost - Read below
    • More Mini-Games Coming Soon!
  • Creative
    • Spawn - Lobby
    • Plots - More info coming soon!
    • Creator - More info coming soon!
  • RP City - A server just for RP! - Coming Soon!
    • A server dedicated to roleplay! A large city will be the first section of this server, but it will be extended over time.
Introducing Outpost

Outpost is our brand new, never before seen team-based mini-game! Outpost is comprised of two teams, guards and attackers. The Guards must protect the towers from being destroyed! If all towers are destroyed by the attackers, the attackers win the game, however if just one tower stands at the end of the match, the guards will win.

Towers are marked with a beacon, and you will see a countdown timer on the right hand side of your screen. As an attacker, when you see the number hit zero on the designated tower, the beacon will explode, signifying that the attackers have conquered that tower.

Outpost is a 6v6 Mini-game, but can start with just 3 people on each team. There are currently 2 maps in rotation, and we plan on adding more in the future!

Outpost is currently in beta. Our Beta Testers are players with the rank of Noble or above. You'll be able to play...

Since the acquisition, we have found that there has been a bit of confusion as to who truly is The Palace and why did all of this happen? We wanted to share with you guys a little more about who we are.


Who is The Palace?
Since Palace Network acquired MCMagic there has been a lot of confusion on who exactly is The Palace and why they wanted to take on MCMagic. Something that you may not know is that The Palace was formed and is run by Managers of MCMagic!

Where did The Palace originate?
Great question! The Palace originated as a passion project for Brant (xBrant), Turner (Turner) and Eli (DevSlashNull) long ago. Over the course of the last year but was put on the back burner as other projects and obligations were posing as a priority. Until recently, The Palace didn’t have a core to flourish and prosper.

Why did The Palace acquire MCMagic?
MCMagic has been on a gradual decline for a while now and the Management Team have been anxious to push the network to new heights and create new and exciting memories for the world to share.

Where is TheRealDuckie?
TheRealDuckie is no longer affiliated with or involved with The Palace or MCMagic. MCMagic was purchased and now is fully owned by Palace Network’s Management Team. Duckie is currently pursuing his own ventures and we’re all rooting for him, and we will continue building off the vision of a safe and family friendly environment.

Who runs The Palace now?
The Palace is currently run by the Administration team on the network, including: DevSlashNull, xBrant, Turner, Legobuilder0813, GrailMore, Daloria, Helopoh, and Steven_Davison. The Palace has also kept all of the incredible members of the MCMagic Staff Team. This strong team with roots stemming from the previous MCMagic Management Team knows they have what it takes to bring this network to incredible, new places that will...​