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Palace Network

Hello lovely people,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! As July is starting to come to a close, we are getting excited for August. Returning to school, weather getting cooler, and whispers of the fall season to come. For now, let’s enjoy the remaining time of summer we have.

Calling all character fans! Universal characters will be coming to our parks, and we want you guys to help us out! If you’ve ever been interested, applications are now open. Please remember to read the form thoroughly and make sure to follow all of the rules. Best of luck to all those applying, and the application form can be found here!

The characters are also planning something very secret, so make sure to stay on the look for teasers and announcements!

We are so glad all of you enjoyed the Game Night yesterday! It was such a joy seeing everyone go hard at some friendly competition, and after, all having a good laugh! I know I was certainly impressed by your guys’ trivia ability, so smart! Make sure to keep watch for announcements of more Game Nights, as we really enjoy doing them, and hope you enjoy them too!

Also congratulations to the red team for winning the most recent build off! Members included LlamaNPjama, Broadwayss, Konajack, BTL_2_Or_Bob, WizarddStorm, LlamaLuver, and Apollo1421. The theme was Universal, and they did an awesome job. All of the other teams did wonderful as well! You can take a look at some of the pictures here.

Anna & Elsa had a wonderful time performing for everyone in Frozen: Live at the Hyperion! They hope everyone had a wonderful time as well, and can’t wait to see everyone again! Make sure to keep watch for our special casted shows, usually every weekend, or every other weekend. The uncasted show schedule can be seen by using the clock in your hand bar.

This week’s Creative Spotlight, Vinicius1898 built an amazing...
Hello lovely people,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! After a fairly busy week, it’s time for a bit of calm. However, we have still have tons of stuff for you guys to enjoy!

First off, we deeply apologize for the connection issues some of you guys experienced over the weekend. Thankfully, we were able to target the problem, and solve it as quickly as possible. Our wonderful developers worked some of their magic, and maybe had a little help from Tinkerbell too. If anyone still has any issues, our direct messages will always be open on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Game on! Our wonderful Paladin, ScanWorks, will be holding another Game Night! Join in this Sunday, July 23rd, at 6:30pm EST. There will be tons of fun & competitive games, plus even some rewards! It’s always a good time getting to have some friendly competition, and you may even meet some new friends! We hope to see you all there, and keep watch on our social medias for more updates.

It has been some time since the last showing, but another preview of Frozen: Live at the Hyperion will be presented to Nobles+! You can watch all of the magic this Saturday, July 22nd, at 4pm EST. As to why it’s only Noble+ at the moment, we’d like to preview it to a smaller audience first to make sure it’s ready for public release! If you’re interested in helping out in the betterment of the network, and get awesome perks, you can check out the store here.
/warp flath

If you’re ever in need of support, we now have a new support button on our website! It can be found in the lower left corner, and you are able to send us an email directly. Our wonderful management team will answer them as fast as possible. This is for inquires about general questions and store purchase support. A reminder that we do not handle ban...
Hello lovely people,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! A lot of celebration has happened in the past week, and as that ends, we have even more stuff for you guys to enjoy.

Starting off we have this week’s developer release! Our Creative server is now updated to Minecraft 1.12! This includes all of the new blocks and shiny stuff that came with the update. If you’re interested about any of the new changes in 1.12 you can read the wiki here. With that also comes increased server performance, so now you can enjoy a stable and clean building experience. We’re so excited to see what you guys create with all of the new additions!
/join creative

Thank you all so much for attending our Pride party! The music was great, conga lines outstanding, and pinatas were completely destroyed! Also thank you for sharing all of your photos from the photo booth, it was so much fun to go through them and see you guys having fun! Unfortunately, the celebrations will be ending for shortly. Including the hub returning to normal, and the limited edition cosmetics are no longer for sale. Do not worry, we have a lot more parties & celebrations coming soon!

We are very proud to announce that Universal Studios Orlando is now open to preview for Majestic+! You can now watch our wonderful team build, detail, and finish up the park for public release. Anyone who does not have Majestic or up, it can be purchased from our store. If you aren't able to spend, do not worry, the park will release to the public once it's completed! Hope to see you all having fun!
/warp USO

4th of July was also last week, and we hope you all had a fun & safe time! The themed shows will be ending very soon, and the show schedule returning to normal. However there are always our casted shows that change up every time! Make sure to watch on social medias for the shows, including Beauty and The Beast, Finding Nemo: The...
Hello lovely people,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! This just so happens to be the first newsletter of July! June went by in a flash, so we’re really excited to show you some of the big things we’ve been working on in the coming weeks!

Just a reminder, we are celebrating Pride! We are still selling limited edition rainbow particles & hats as a part of our new cosmetics menu! You can check them out at our store by clicking here. We will also be having a Pride party on July 8th at 5pm EST! Make sure to keep watch on our social medias for more announcements! We hope to see everyone there celebrating!

For everyone in America, the 4th of July is fast approaching! In honor of Independence Day, Celebrate America and Illuminations Reflections of Earth: Heartbeat of Freedom will be showing throughout the week. Check your show schedules to see when! If you don’t live in the US, you can still enjoy the shows of beautiful fireworks, music, and lights! Please have a safe and fun 4th of July!

The characters all hope you enjoyed the Summer meet & greet last week! They all had so much fun meeting you all and signing autographs. The characters even wanted to come back again, so keep watch for announcements of new meet & greets in the future!

Also, thank you everyone who applied to be friends with characters! There were so many good applications, and it was very hard for our team to chose just a few! To those that were accepted, we are so excited to have you, and those who were denied, don’t give up! We like to see determination in applicants! Watch our social medias for when the applications open again!

This week’s Creative Spotlight, ConHatter, ChloeHatter, and MissyHatter built a Snow White inspired universe, recreating some parts of the story! The entire build will give you a magical feel, and I got the feeling that I was in a different world! You can read more about the build & look at pictures...
Hello lovely people,

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! We have tons of fun exciting info to share, and this also happens to be the final newsletter of the month. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Starting off, we have this week’s developer release! A quick little update from the previous newsletter, Pixie Dust Shootout is now available to all guests! Here's a quick explanation of the game: Two teams fight against each other and, using their Pixie Dust wands, hit opposing players with sparks of Pixie Dust! The first team to 50 wins (unless time runs out). We all hope to see you guys having some magical fun!
/join Arcade

As you’ve already heard, we are celebrating Pride month! We are now also selling limited edition rainbow particles & hats as a part of our new cosmetics menu! You can check them out at our store by clicking here. A portion of the profits will be going to the Trevor Project and Stonewall UK charities. All of our celebrations will be lasting to July 8th, and as an awesome way to end Pride, we will be holding a massive party! We don’t have an exact time yet, stay tuned, but it will be held in the Hub’s castle! Happy Pride 2017 everyone!

Now that it is officially summer time, we thought it’s a perfect time to hold a summer themed character meet & greet! This is to be held on Sunday, July 2nd, at 4:00pm EST! The characters are overjoyed to meet you all, and have their pens all ready to sign some autographs!
/warp meetandgreet

This week’s Creative Spotlight, Disneykid93 built a massive theme park called Disney Ridge. The build spans over 2 plots, and a 3rd coming soon! The detail put into such a large build is amazing, and you'll just have to see for yourself! You can read more about the build & look at pictures here!

I hope you all enjoyed...
Hello lovely people,

Welcome to our first ever weekly newsletter! The purpose of this is to give us an easy way to share information, look at some of the cool features releasing in the week, and showcase some other fun stuff!

Starting off, we have this week’s developer release! Pixie Dust Shootout is returning! Those that have been a part of our community for a while will remember this game from long ago, and we're finally bringing it back! Here's a quick explanation of the game: Two teams fight against each other and, using their Pixie Dust wands, hit opposing players with sparks of Pixie Dust! The first team to 50 wins (unless time runs out). For the first week only Noble+ will be able to access it while we ensure it runs smoothly. Next Monday (June 26th) the game will open to all players. You can purchase a rank on our store!

For the rest of June we will be celebrating LGBT+ Pride on the server! In the coming days our hub will be completely decked out in stunning rainbow decorations, and we will also be having a Pride party towards the end of the month. More information on the party and other goodies will be available within the week.

Calling all graduates, we are holding a graduation/school’s end party this Friday, June 23rd, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm EST! There will be food, dancing, music, and just a night to let loose and boogie! All of the fun will be held on the Symphony in the Stars stage located in Hollywood Studios! Hope to see you all there! /warp sits

Also calling all fans of the Tower of Terror, backstage tours are back and better than ever! Including new fun facts, locations, and more. Of course the hauntingly beautiful lobby music will be remaining for everyone to enjoy. So join us this Saturday, June 24th, at 3:00pm EST for a tour of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. You just may never check out. /warp tottour

This week’s Creative Spotlight, Yamkle built a custom theme park named Worlds of Discovery! The...
Hey there,

On Thursday, May 18th at 1:45pm EDT we will be performing maintenance on our Park servers. These changes are to prepare our servers to support 1.12 when Mojang releases the new Minecraft version (expected to be in the coming weeks). We will also be upgrading our Parks from legacy code to the new system used everywhere else on the network like on Arcade and Creative.

This update will make it much easier for us to add 1.12 support as soon as it's available. Also, we will be able to update features on the Parks more frequently. As most have noticed, our Parks still have the MCMagic name in Autograph books, Disneyland isn't in the MagicBand... This update will fix all of those issues, and we're sorry we couldn't do it sooner.

The FastPass Kiosk will still give out daily FastPasses, and we plan on adding back voting rewards in the future! However, we are temporarily removing the monthly rewards. In order to make some changes we have planned for the future, and to comply with Mojang's EULA, we will be changing the monthly rewards from Tokens to something new. This new thing will be announced soon :)

Unlike other servers on our network like Creative, our Parks are still running on 1.8.8. That's why we haven't used any new Minecraft blocks in the Parks yet. During the maintenance we will update the server and maps to 1.11.2.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance reply to this thread below. Follow @PalaceDev on Twitter for the latest news on the progress of the maintenance.

After the maintenance is over, if you encounter any bugs, please fill out a bug report! This helps us stay organized when fixing any issues and we'll be able to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hello friends!, I am happy to announce that we will be holding a Community Project to build a ride for our new Summer Seasonal. To participate you must be registered on our Discord server.I will be starting some time next weekend and I will be setting people up in 'Meeting Room' on our Discord.

Since you will be trusted onto the plot there are a few rules you should follow

1. Do not destroy other's builds, this is classed as griefing and will be dealt with the same way as we deal with all griefs on the server.

2. Please keep all builds appropriate and related to the theme,

3. Please be nice to all other builders, if you have a problem please message me or another staff member who is on at the time and they should be able to sort everything out

As we have not chosen a theme for the project we want some ideas. If you want to participate in the project and have ideas for the theme please fill out the form below. I look forward to building with all of you!


Congratulations to our winners,



Easter is almost upon us and the Easter bunnies have been dropping eggs off all around the server!​

There are 26 different eggs spread out around the maps. Your job is to find them!

Each egg has a little snack for you to collect and each snack is named after a different character. Once you have found all 26 names pop them into the form below along with the name of the server where you found them, then submit the form for your chance to win!


Forms can be submitted from 9th April until 22nd April. Winners will be contacted on 23rd April.

There are 3 eggs in each of the following areas;

The Hub
Animal Kingdom
Disney Hollywood Studios
Typhoon Lagoon

And 5 in;

Magic Kingdom

Five lucky guests will win an upgrade to their rank! If you're a Settler, Dweller, Noble or Majestic, you will be upgraded to the next tiered rank. If you're an Honorable, you have the option to claim 200 tokens or gift the rank upgrade to a friend.

The Important bits:

Make sure you are signed up on our forums as this is how we will contact you if you win! Register using this link: https://palace.network/register/

Make sure to have your minecraft username as your forum username. To change your this visit the link below:


If we can not reach you within a week of the closing date your prize will be forfeit and go to the next possible winner.

Just a...
Introducing the Palace Network Discord Server!

Hey Palace Network Family!

Today we are unveiling a long awaited facet to our Community. We are so excited to share with you all that we are transitioning from Mumble to Discord!

How do I join Discord?
Great question! Getting started is simple and can be done by following the instructions HERE.

What is Discord? Why are we leaving Mumble?
Discord is an incredible voice and chat solution popular to the gaming community that has been found to be a great way to communicate with all of your beloved communities in one place! We understand that Mumble is growing to be a bit harder to use with all of the things we have planned and we found that Discord is the best platform to integrate our network activities. Mumble unfortunately doesn’t allow us to achieve the same things.

Mumble has done us a lot of great but we will be paying our adieus and turning a new chapter in with our new voice/chat feature.

What’s going to happen to Mumble?
Mumble will remain online for the next month or so. When you connect to Mumble, you will not be able to chat or text. Instructions on how to connect to Discord will be found in the chat box :)

Why do I need to link my Minecraft account to my Discord account on the Palace Network Server?

Linking your Minecraft account will make sure that you retain your role on the Discord in real time and it also applies a nickname to you on Discord so that people know who you are on Discord by your Minecraft Username.

What happens if I don’t link my account?
You will still be able to stay in our Discord server but you will not have the ability to speak, write in text channels, or view most text channels. Linking your account is critical for some future plans that we have ;)

What will happen to Mumble?
Mumble will eventually be closed down for good but for now we will keep...